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Wuxi spetter Analytical Instrument Co., Ltd. is located in Wuxi, the beautiful Taihu Lake. The main products of the company are as follows: infrared carbon and sulfur analyzer, high frequency infrared carbon and sulfur analyzer, arc furnace infrared carbon and sulfur analyzer, tubular furnace infrared carbon and sulfur analyzer, gas volume carbon and sulfur analyzer, high speed carbon and sulfur analyzer, intelligent carbon and sulfur analyzer, conductance carbon and sulfur analyzer, conductance carbon and sulfur analyzer, high frequency induction combustion of high speed pilot furnace Furnace tube furnace, microcomputer digital manganese phosphorus silicon analyzer, computer manganese phosphorus silicon analyzer, visible spectrophotometer, UV visible spectrophotometer, molding sand strength tester, molding sand air permeability tester, clay blue absorption tester, moisture tester, material particle size tester, surface hardness tester, prototype, sand mixer, smelting thermometer, mud content Tester, salt spray corrosion test chamber, drying chamber incubator, turbidity meter, water quality monitor, conductivity meter, potential titrator, microscope, metallographic microscope, image analyzer, metallographic sample making equipment.

The company's products are widely used and served in steel, metallurgy, casting, machinery, petroleum, chemical industry, mine, quality supervision, scientific research, import and export commodity inspection, environmental protection, medical and health care, colleges and universities, grain, oil, food, beverage and other aspects. They are necessary testing means and scientific experimental tools for all walks of life. Company tenet: to survive with quality, to develop with integrity, to meet and exceed customers' expectations! We are committed to the application of product technology and solutions in the laboratory, and provide you with efficient, practical, stable and reliable products. Based on domestic and international famous brand products, specter company advocates the marketing concept of "integrity-based" and "customer satisfaction". Its main products not only occupy a leading position in the industry and enjoy a high reputation in the domestic market, but also exported to more than 20 countries and regions such as Europe, the United States, Asia and Africa.

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